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Pack de ejército III/70 Tuaregs para DBA 2.2 y 3.0 - Renders
  • Pack de ejército III/70 Tuaregs para DBA 2.2 y 3.0 - Renders
  • Peanas rectangulares de MDF para juegos con baseado DBx
  • Grupo de mando tuareg - Renders
  • Camelleria tuareg - Renders
  • Guerreros tuareg - Renders

III/70 – Tuareg DBA army pack


Tuareg (1000 AD – 1880 AD) army pack for DBA (III/70) with 48+ resin printed miniatures and 17+ MDF bases.

Game version
Thickness (bases included)
VAT included


The Tuareg (1000 d.C. - 1880 d.C.) army pack includes the resin printed miniatures and MDF bases needed to depict all the options in lists III/70 for DBA 2.2 or 3.0.

All models have been designed by Red Copper Miniatures to depict the Tuareg armies from the establishment of their culture (circa 1000 AD) to the introduction of powder rifles (1880 AD).

Army lists:
    ● DBA 2.2, III/70: 1x3Cm (Gen), 8x3Cm, 1x2/3Cm, 2x3Wb o 3Cm o 2Ps o 3Ax
        - 1x    Tuareg Commander
        - 37x Tuareg Camel Riders
        - 10x   Tuareg Tribesmen Warriors
        - 17x  MDF bases

    ● DBA 3.0, III/70: 1xCm(Gen), 3xCm, 2xCm o Ps, 5xCm o 3Wb, 1xLCm o Ps
        - 1x    Tuareg Commander
        - 34x Tuareg Camel Riders
        - 21x  Tuareg Tribesmen Warriors
        - 20x MDF bases

All miniatures are included evenly distributed among the available poses.

Available options:
    ● Game version: DBA 2.2, DBA 3.0
    ● Size: 15mm
    ● Thickness of included MDF bases: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm

If you want the miniatures printed in any other size you can order them here.

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