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Láminas magnéticas flexibles de 0.9mm
  • Láminas magnéticas flexibles de 0.9mm
  • Balda de ejemplo con lámina magnética y de acero
  • Caja vertical de 6 baldas con baldas magnéticas dada la vuelta

Flexible magnetic sheets

MKZ Games
0.9mm flexible magnetic sheets.
VAT included

0.9mm thick flexible magnetic sheets for safely moving and transporting your miniatures.

Available options:
    ● Size: 240x120, 240x300mm

    ● Approximate holding force: 40 g/cm2.
    ● Anisotropic (directionally preferential) and uncoated magnetisation.
    ● Highly mouldable material that can be easily cut with scissors or a model cutter.

The product includes a non-folded magnetic foil.

Thanks to its holding strength, it is the ideal material for use in transport cases or movement trays in combination with bases with a steel sheet on their underside.

These magnetic sheets are not compatible with neodymium magnets. In case of having neodymium magnets on the base of your miniatures, it will be necessary to choose the steel sheets as the fixing material.
Although both sides are black coloured, only one side is magnetic. Before gluing it, make sure that the magnetic side faces away from the surface in question.
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