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Marcadores de MDF para W40K: Kill Team
  • Marcadores de MDF para W40K: Kill Team

W40K: Kill Team tokens

MDF tokens for W40K: Kill Team.
VAT included

Set of 43 MDF tokens for Warhammer 40K: Kill Team. Actions are represented on 20mm diameter round tokens, damages on 16mm square tokens and objectives on 10mm side hexagonal tokens.

    - 4x Move
    - 4x Advance
    - 4x Charge
    - 4x Shot
    - 4x Fall Back
    - 4x Ready

    - 4x Shaken
    - 9x Wound

    - 6x Objective

If you need tokens for any other game you can order them here.

The MDF of this product meets the requirements of Class E1 (low formaldehyde emissions) as defined by the European Standard EN 622-1:2003.
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