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Insertos de MDF compatibles con las cajas horizontales para organizar y exponer miniaturas
  • Insertos de MDF para bases redondas con las muescas para las cajas apilables

Inserts for storage cases

MDF inserts compatible with the horizontal cases for organising and displaying miniatures.
Type of horizontal case
Type of base
VAT included

MDF inserts compatible with the horizontal and the stackable cases for organising and displaying miniatures.

Available options:
    ● Type of horizontal case: Display, Stackable
    ● Type of base: Customised, Round, FOW
    ● Size: Customised; 20, 25, 30, 30, 32, 40, 50, 60mm diameter; small, medium, large

The only difference between the inserts for the display and stackable cases is the small notches in the latter to fit the columns at the back. This makes the inserts for the stackable cases compatible with both cases, but not the other way round.

If the customised insert option is chosen, it will be necessary to send a file in image or PDF format detailing as precisely as possible the distribution, shape and size of the required bases. The external dimensions of the insert are: 255.5mm wide by 289.5mm high.

The MDF of this product meets the requirements of Class E1 (low formaldehyde emissions) as defined by the European Standard EN 622-1:2003.
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